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Re: [tor-talk] Routing Jitsi through Tor

> over 9050. The only thing that didn't happen was issuing a NEWNYM
> command. But would that have stopped the connection from happening?

Maybe, sometimes Tor gets a little stuck, or the exit packetfilter's things
after Tor finds a path. Using MAPADDRESS can help with testing exits.

> Also, a quick question about the encryption service. I'm offering
> SSL/TLS connections to the service. Is that what you mean or are you

Yes, offering encryption is good.

As far as anything other than TCP goes, you can do that but only
if you're going hidden service to hs with onioncat or have
established an openvpn with some destination across tor exit.

And any testing of new apps should be accompanied by proof
work as to leaks with wireshark, etc.
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