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Re: [tor-talk] how to stream videos using Tor

The website doesn't work for me. Javascript is completely enabled but I
can't insert any links or clicking on stream/download/upload.
Also http://peersm.com/peersm is complete blank.

I use the TBB 3.6.1-Linux

Aymeric Vitte:
> You can use Peersm http://www.peersm.com (see the streaming demo video
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVaE8UZzDlA and the starter links
> http://www.peersm.com/?links-en) to stream/download anonymously from
> Peersm or bittorrent networks or the web.
> Even if not recommended for "normal" use you can use the TBB with Peersm
> (I don't know what's the current FF version of the official TBB, you
> need FF>=26 for Peersm, if not see http://www.peersm.com/?use-en)
> Regards,
> Aymeric
> Le 26/05/2014 07:06, John Henry a écrit :
>> I cannot stream videos using my Tor browser and I wondered if anyone
>> could
>> explain how that can be done.
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