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[tor-talk] Norse Darklist, for blocking Tor


The world's first comprehensive blacklist of the Internet's highest risk IPs.

Traditional blacklists are often prone to false positives and are
usually an aggregation of other lists, leading to incomplete or poor
coverage. As a result, organizations relying on these lists to protect
their business have "blind spots" that can miss high risk traffic and
lead to breaches and compromises.

Norse Darklistâ is the next generation of blacklists. Darklist is a
live, continuously updated list of the highest risk IPs on the
Internet, enabling organizations to protect their network from
external bad actors. Darklist provides a Norse IPQ risk score for each
IP, the risk category (such as "botnet" or "Tor proxy") to provide
context to the score, and latitude and longitude provided by Norse's
superior geolocation capabilities. Darklist is not just another
blacklist â the information is live, accurate, and contextual. ...
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