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Re: [tor-talk] Norse Darklist, for blocking Tor

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 5:20 AM, Mirimir <mirimir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Well, we can create a blacklist of sites that block Tor ;)
> No. I just mean a list of sites that block Tor in some way.

There's a wiki page for all this, and both of these forms...

>> You mean an exitpolicy blacklist of blocklists (list providers),

Under "List Of RBL Lists"...

>> not of subscribing (or homegrown blocking) end sites.

Under "List Of Services Blocking Tor"...

> I'm finding, by the way, that craigslist takes about six minutes to load

'slow' blocking rough maximum, avg exit is much less.

> via Tor, from a VM where most of the other top 50 sites load in 5-20


> seconds. Another ten sites refuse to load. I haven't determined why yet.

probably blocking.

If your scripts are anything like before, you're going to need to
use the controller to manage exits, otherwise your data will
be left to the randomness of tor. That's fine to find random things,
but not very narrow to discover/test specific repeatable anomalies.
Lock down to a single exit (possibly chosen at random) for each
test run, or cycle a site through all exits (for which you will need
at least 7 tors to finish one 'slow' site in 4 hours).
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