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Re: [tor-talk] Ad Blocking Software

On 06/11/2014 11:42 AM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> On 6/11/2014 12:50 AM, Mirimir wrote:
>> Yes indeed. So why doesn't TBB include AdBlock? In my experience,
>> unlike NoScript, AdBlock Plus rarely breaks sites. Reductions in site
>> loading time are dramatic. And then there's the privacy benefit. 
> The reason given in the past by Tor Project leaders, was basically, they
> don't want Tor to be perceived as being unfriendly towards sites trying
> to make a bit of money to support their sites.

Ads are arguably the greatest security threat for otherwise trusted
sites. Site managers generally can't vet individual ads in advance. Even
honest ad publishers are easily gamed by malicious "advertisers" who
alter ads after approval.

> Some users don't disagree so much with sites presenting modest number of
> "non-intrusive" ads, but it's hard(er) to pick & choose which ads will
> be allowed, on which sites.

I did not welcome the ad-funding model for the Web when it appeared ~15
years ago, and I utterly reject it now. I'd much rather see an automated
anonymous micropayment system for content and services provided.

> Ad Block Plus makes an attempt at that w/ its hotly debated, opt out
> method of "allow some non-intrusive advertising."
>>"I think one objection against manually installing AdBlock (or other
> similar > extensions) was that you make your TBB stand out from most
> other TBB..."
> I haven't seen the "browser fingerprint testing sites" being able to
> detect all addons installed, as standard practice.  If java script is
> enabled, sites may be able to guess that specific addons are installed,
> by their actions - like preventing ads from loading. Even if JS isn't
> enabled, they might be able to see that ads aren't loaded & guess that
> ABP or something is installed.  But detecting / guessing all addons -
> never heard that.
> But if only 25% of TBB users have ABP & IF... sites (or adversaries)
> "guess" that it's installed by its action, then in their estimation,
> they've narrowed that particular browser characteristic down to 25% of
> TBB users.
> If one lives in a free society & is doing nothing illegal under local
> laws, nor particularly interesting to internet tapping agencies, that
> might not be terribly important.
> On the other hand, what's legal  or "not a concern" to LEAs today, could
> change in the future.

For sure :(
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