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[tor-talk] Drupal.org Tor support


I am writing in hope of finding ways to help Drupal.org better support
Tor users and also in hope of connecting with Tor users who are Drupal

Drupal is a free and open source software web platform which is used for
very many websites, including those of friendly activist organizations
like the EFF.  Drupal.org is the website where the bulk of development
on Drupal happens.

Unfortunately, Drupal.org has become difficult to access via Tor due to
its use of Http:BL.  Usually in Tor Browser you get "x.x.x.x is banned",
and are forced to change identities a few times until you see "x.x.x.x
is greylisted", whereupon you can request temporary whitelisting, which
is automatically granted but requires multiple inputs and page loads.
With temporary whitelisting and a "TrackHostExits .drupal.org" setting,
you can usually use Drupal.org for at least several hours.  Still, this
is an impediment to site use and seems to be a worsening situation.

I opened a Drupal.org issue seeking ways to accommodate Tor users.
Members of the Drupal infrastructure team were encouragingly receptive
to better supporting Tor.  One of the possible compromise solutions
discussed would be to add a Tor hidden service that allows full access
except for user registrations.  It is not ideal but would seem to be a
major improvement over the status quo.  However, the issue is several
weeks old and is starting to go cold.

Issue link:

So does anyone have any ideas on how to actually achieve better
Drupal.org support for Tor users?  Are there others that are interested
in this?  If so I look forward to reading your thoughts.


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