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Re: [tor-talk] Non-free country law preventing Tor from getting donations

On 6/14/2014 7:56 PM, Mirimir wrote:
On 06/14/2014 06:29 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:


It's OK for an organization dedicated to providing anonymity to protect
users - everywhere, in no small part from various gov't agencies, to
take major funding from... a gov't agency.  Yet, that organization can't
take *private* donations from a country w/ embargo restrictions.  Don't
make no sense, Jethro.
Anyone can accept private donations from anyone else, as long as the
donor remains anonymous. What's so odd about the Tor Project accepting
anonymous donations? If donors remain anonymous, how can there be any
strings attached to the donations?
Nothing is so odd about private donations. You misread or misinterpreted my post.
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