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Re: [tor-talk] Including Tor into millions of products.

On 6/15/14, Andrew Lewman <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 06/14/2014 03:09 AM, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
>> The questions that pop in my head are:
>> 1) What kind of products are that? (Businesses or End-Consumer market?)
> Yes and yes.

OK. Wide applicability is good.

>> 2) What is the intended use-case? (Usage of the Tor network?
>> Contribution to the Tor network? Both?)
> Privacy through Tor.

That sounds like that's  what you/your client is selling, but you
ought be clear on what the guarantees of tor are (what it's threat
model is, and what it provides **1),

But more importantly, the question was what is the *use* *case* - as
in, how are these devices or software 'nodes' going to interact with
the Tor network?
To be precise, the question was broken down:

Will these 'nodes' use the Tor network (like TBB)?

Will these 'nodes' contribute to the Tor network?

If they contribute, do they contribute in configurable way, or fixed way?

In either case, it what ways - as relays, exits, what?

>> 3) In any case, doesn't that make you face some challenges?
>> (Scalability, resources for downloads, size of consensuses, possibly
>> bridges cause trouble, e.g. the bridgeDB has to maintain a pool of
>> millions of bridges, maybe.)
> Yes, many challenges.

Are you aware of who else will most likely face those challenges?

>> 4) In the case of those things being relays, can one predict what the
>> effect on network diversity will be?
> With the current public tor network, implosion. We almost survived 5
> million bots barely using the tor network.

Sounds like yes, you have some idea - this is good :)

So do you have plans to handle that implosion?

If it's too super secret, ok.

> Andrew
> pgp 0x6B4D6475

I am no Tor expert, but source-location anonymity is about as much as
you will get from Tor, as far as I understand it; that is, privacy is
dependent on end-user education, as well as the end user using tools
which do not leak personal information, almost a tall ask, but TBB
basically provides that, iff you disable javascript. It is good to
promote freedom of speech through forms of anonymity, but please don't
sell Tor as being something it is not.

I hope you succeed in expanding public awareness and effective (non
melt down) use of free speech networks in particular Tor.

Regards and good luck,
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