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Re: [tor-talk] Flash executables keep starting in background when using TBB

On 14-06-16 03:17 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> In at least the last couple TBB versions, or longer, I've found
> FlashPlayerPlugin_x.x.exe (latest *13_0_0_214.exe) running in background
> - numerous times.
> Actually, 2 instances of flash exe files are always shown running.
> Biggest question is, what is Flash doing to Tor anonymity in these
> cases.  Just because Flash isn't playing doesn't mean it's not
> contacting someone, somewhere.
> I rarely use Flash - I assume TBB *now comes w/ it installed?*  
> [snip]

Adobe Flashplayer has never come with TBB.

Are you sure it isnt the ActiveX plugin that comes with MS-Windows? Or
perhaps it got installed at the same time as you updated the flashplayer
for Internet Explorer?  If not, your computer may be infected with a
fake flashplayer.  Many website ads offer them with a button that looks
deceptively like the download you may have wanted to click on, or even a
drive-by exploit.

Preventing infections from 3rd party sites is one big reason to run
either an ad blocker or a more rigorous add-on such as RequestPolicy.

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