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[tor-talk] Flash executables keep starting in background when using TBB

In at least the last couple TBB versions, or longer, I've found FlashPlayerPlugin_x.x.exe (latest *13_0_0_214.exe) running in background - numerous times.
Actually, 2 instances of flash exe files are always shown running.

Biggest question is, what is Flash doing to Tor anonymity in these cases. Just because Flash isn't playing doesn't mean it's not contacting someone, somewhere. I rarely use Flash - I assume TBB *now comes w/ it installed?* The only time I would use it, is for something there appeared to be no other way possible AND on a site I wasn't concerned about. Then immediately get a new identity.

Flash is NOT activated in TBB (always set to *"never activate"*) & I've never played any Flash content the times I've found the flash files running. I'm not sure that when the flash files are found running, that I had played ANY video content at all.

By contrast, when I rarely play youtube vids in TBB, if it can't / won't play in HTML5, it always shows Flash as disabled or missing, & prompts to d/l it. I'm not sure why that event would start these files running in background, if it does.

In Process Explorer, one flash*.exe instance has command line: \...\flash\NPSWF32_13_0_0_214.dll The other has command line: \...\flash\NPSWF32_13_0_0_214.dll" --host-npapi-version=27 --type=renderer

Both of those are shown under the process: G:\Program Files\*Tor Browser\Browser\browser" - 7344 plugin* - (where TBB is installed). Of all the times I've caught it, I don't believe Flash ever started uninvited under Firefox.

Activity history for the 2 files show they do write & read to disk, but I haven't sniffed them to see if they try to contact a server.

Has anyone ever looked in task manager or a process explorer & noticed these running? Other than uninstalling Flash, how can I keep them from silently starting in background?
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