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Re: [tor-talk] Secure Hidden Service (was: Re: ... Illegal Activity As A Metric ...)

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 11:50 PM, Tor Talker <tortalker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ....
> More to the point, do you have specific concerns regarding the Linux/Tor/Apache/Perl stack we are using?  We do sanitize error messages to prevent Apache from leaking system information, but that's really the only special effort other than maintaining good overall system security.

i never use apache, php, perl. i use custom built nginx against custom
built dependencies to front custom python/c++ web services.

these hidden services have never been compromised, but they're also
not designed like most web services. (i have used bounties in the past
to attract scrutiny, but to be fair "never been compromised" is also a
pretty poor metric for security or privacy. this is more a sanity

> What sort of vulnerabilities would you expect to see?

i've seen vulnerabilities in configuration, where insecure options
enabled by default allow local execution and privilege escalation.

i've seen vulnerabilities in implementation, where poor coding implies
errors around authorization or authentication.

i've seen vulnerabilities in database communication, where failure to
sanitize inputs leads to complete compromise.

the list goes on, and on, ...

building secure systems is hard.  Tor is pretty hard, but the things
people run across it much less so; double for hidden services.

trying to remain anonymous while hosting an average site on a hidden
service?  this is difficult.

trying to remain anonymous while posting and chatting and otherwise
practicing horrible opsec?  this is near impossible.

last but not least, the entire premise of this thread is around
blatant, public illegal behavior brazenly displayed being
discover-able through search and publication - the sites that practice
good privacy aren't spamming their links everywhere.  by definition,
the original survey is collecting only the worst run sites.

too much thought wasted on this thread already.

best regards,
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