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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia as stand-alone client???

On 6/28/2014 2:16 PM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 11:30:19AM -0700, Bobby Brewster wrote:
However, I'm wondering if this is the best way or is Vidalia now deprecated?
It is now deprecated. It has been unsupported for years. :(


The exception for now is the relay-by-default and bridge-by-default
Windows bundles. But that's mostly because nobody has replaced them with
anything better. Please do!

Would it really be that difficult to write code for TB / develop an addon or stand alone app to go with the TB bundle, that at least shows the names & basic data of currently built circuits? Even for a summer intern? I'm not a software engineer, but I don't get what's so difficult about grabbing the basic data (already available) for relays in use & displaying in text format. Yes, "we have other things to do." I'd think some 2nd & 3rd yr students could do this job, or a number of viewers out in Tor-land.

Even the most basic browser shows which URL you're using - if not the IPa. I'd think for persons in extremely repressed countries & other situations, seeing the countries in the circuits might be important.

It wouldn't have to have all the bells & whistles of Vidalia - not right away. *Some* of those old features would be nice for the future. Don't need a world map, or pretty flags of every country represented, or the ability to click on any listed relay (not in a current circuit) & get its info.

Just bare bones: here's your current circuit & others built, but not used, along w/ the basic info for any relays.
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