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Re: [tor-talk] Waiting for a new exit node

On 6/29/2014 2:56 AM, C B wrote:
It is really pretty annoying to be surfing along and suddenly get a "Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server" message. Right now I am stuck on as I have been many times before. In ten minutes I will be re-assigned a new exit node and can get back to what I had been doing. With the old Vidalia, though, all I did is click "New connection" or whatever it was called, and not lose even a second. It would be nice to accomodate this problem for the millions of other Tor users, so they 1) know what to expect, and 2) know what to do. On the page "Test Tor Network Settings" I would change that link to "Test Tor", and on https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en_US add some link to say "Is this exit node working for you? That you could click on to banish it from rotation for a while - instead of a great big blue button that says "Donate to support Tor" I would change that button to say "Report a problem with this IP". Also the link to the Atlas does not do anything in the standard configuration because it
  requires javascript, which is not noted at https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/54AF65CBEF4A7384B62CBABB156716C26F99F370 (you have to mysteriously know that if you click "temporarily allow all this page" and refresh the page you will magically be able to see the page.

And now that 10 minutes have elapsed, I am on a new exit node, and all is well again.
You can't click the arrow beside the Torbutton icon in toolbar (green onion) & select "new identity?"
That should ? build a new circuit.
Vidalia is / was? available for d/l as a *stand alone* app, on Tor Project's site. (NOT the exact same as old Vidalia).
Extract it to a folder you create inside the Torbrowser folder.

Can create a shortcut on desktop, etc., for "Start Vidalia.exe."
Always start TB, *before* launching Vidalia (different from the past, where Vidalia was integrated in TB). At least, it was offered for d/l not long ago, to use as stand alone w/ TB 3.x series.

When I've used this Vidalia in TB for Windows (for testing), after starting it, takes maybe 60 sec for it to populate its listings. Can't speak to the safety of using the stand alone Vidalia, but I guess if it's found unsafe, they'll remove its d/l link (if any advanced users actually look for security / privacy problems in using this Vidalia).

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