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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

On 6/29/2014 9:11 AM, Mark McCarron wrote:

> As you mentioned, there are legitimate worries, mainly that Tor and people like yourself have a conflict of interest.  The main funding appears to come from the US military.  It appears to many of us, that the software has been deliberately kept weak to traffic analysis to support US intelligence operations.  In fact, it seems to 'fit like a glove'.  Further, that the issue of traffic analysis has been discussed in convoluted terms as a means of keeping that way.  Hiding from traffic analysis is not rocket science, nor does it require endless reams of papers and speeches on packet obfuscation.

How do Snowden and the NSA slides titled "Tor Stinks" fit into your
little conspiracy theory?

> Given that you are the head guy, I want to know what is going on?  If your reply consists of the stock answer, "well this is complex", keep in mind that I am a security specialist too and know that to be untrue.

Given that it's trivial to fix and you're a "security specialist", when
can we expect your patch to address the issue(s)?

> I don't mean to be confrontational in any way, but the credibility of this project is on the line here.

It really isn't.  In fact, you're failing pretty hard at your mission to
discredit the project.  If you're the expert you claim to be, write a
patch or write a paper.  Trying to provoke panic on a mailing list by
means of generalisation and overt hand-waving is doing little to help
your case.

-- Mike
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