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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

This is wrong in so many ways.

Edward Snowden's info, hand-in-hand with Prism's details, shows how NSA/GCHQ hates Tor because they can't break it very well. They have to exploit browser flaws and/or go around Tor to get what they want. If they owned Tor from the network perspective there would be no need for that, and certainly no "Tor Stinks" presentation would have been made. Instead of "Tor Stinks" we would have in our hands (again, courtesy of Edward Snowden) the details of the breakage of Tor by the spooks.

I have a hard time believing that you've been effectively tracking so much 'child porn, rape, snuff videos' content that you can conclusively say that all such content has suddenly disappeared from Tor. My knowledge about the way that kind of content works is, that no one person would be able to access much of it unless they were a creator/trader of the stuff. Such a person would be trying to be low-key about it out of fear for themselves, not posting in this list and seeming to admit to having been tracking that content. So - - not a match, for whatever reason.

The development of some of the posts in this thread seems to encourage list members to demonstrate/quantify what amounts of 'illegal' traffic may be flowing through the Tor network. I could see some interesting purposes for that information, none of them beneficial to Tor or its users.

And, the conclusion below about "Tor and its developers" is imo retarded. That conclusion ignores good information while relying upon so much which seems bogus.

On 06/30/2014 03:19 PM, Mark McCarron wrote:

> Well, let's put this another way. On a planet, approaching almost 7 billion people, a network exists (Tor) that once had a substantial illegal content available (i.e. child porn, rape and snuff videos, etc.). Then governments, such as the UK government, announce GCHQ was to assist in cleaning up the dark web.
> Within a matter of months, not a single site can be found anywhere on the planet on the Tor network.
> Then we also have Snowden, who informs of us PRISM. An espionage program designed to provide a global view that was developed in parallel to Tor and it just so happens that this is Tor's Achilles heel.
> Whether or not you accept the first part of the analysis is irrelevant, what really matters is the latter part and that Tor appears to be designed to integrate into the US espionage apparatus, rather than protect people from it. Even when this is pointed out, no one makes any moves to correct the situation.
> That pretty much tells everyone what they needed to know about Tor and its developers.
> Regards,
> Mark McCarron

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