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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

Haleluja brothers and sisters!

Brother McCarron has step up to say something to us!

I say preach it brother!

Mark McCarron:
> I have been examining


> the number

Can you say the number, oh brother?

> of what would

Would like you're not sure of the healing power of the Holy Spirit?

> normally

And what is normal brother?

> be deemed as
> illegal sites sites on Tor.

Are you aware that the World of the Lord is bigger than your tent
brother McCarron? Laws of man do change from place to place.

>  Eliminating the narcotics trade, as
> these tend

Amen brother! The usage of «tend» as a definite number.

> to be intelligence agency backed enterprises,

Could you point out where in the Scriptures have you found that?

> a serious

How would you define serious?

> decline

Show us the numbers little brother.

> has been noted

By whom?

> across the board.

Which board?

> This

This what? So far your sermon is only fluff.

> would tend

The second time «tend» as a definite number. Would you share this «tend»
number with the rest of the list, or a brother can know that only after
seeing the light in your magic tent?

> to suggest




Three big words. All spelling nothing. And each blurring the message
even further.

> that exposure

Exposure to what?

> is common place

Where? And how?

> and users

Who are those users? Are they a uniform mass of one easy to profile?

> no
> longer

Have they felt it before?

> feel safe.

Safe from what?

>  In the more serious categories,

Oh brother, can you tell us all about the joke categories too?

> such as child porn
> and violent sexual material,

I thought it was about consent. But you know your files better brother
McCarron. I do hope that is not your real name.

> no functioning

How can you tell «no» for sure?

Let's pray with the brother McCarron. May the Lord give the magic
potteresque formula to Mr. Applebaum, Mr. Dingledine and the others
working for the Tor project.

> open sites

Open as opposed to closed down sites?

> remain and
> many

How many has the Spirit told you?

Out of how many so we worthless ones can calculate a percentage.

> of the sites that require registration are crippled. 

Praise the Lord! The sites that do not require registration are far from

Oh brother McCarron! Wise words you've spoken to us today. What can we
do to help this poor crippled sites? Buy wheelchairs for the racks? Buy
racks for the servers?

> The entire
> planet has been scrubbed.

Behold Sodom and Gommorah!

> This,

This what?

> it would seem,

But you are not sure? Maybe Satan, the deceiver, has hidden your study

> indicates


> that Tor has been compromised

So nobody can use it to defeat targeted advertising? Now I have seen the

> on a
> global scale

Oh, mighty is the Lord brother! People in Africa with no drinkable water
can't safely use the Internet. People in Asia working 12 to 16 hours a
day can't safely play with their iThings. Long gone are the days of the
dictatures of South America when people would tweet from their cells in
between torture sessions.

Tears flow from my tired eyes because now I know that the smart,
intelligent, witty, scientific Mark McCarron has shown the World things
are not going to be like in the Paradise lost 5.000 years or so.

> with very little fanfare

By God, you are right! We need to gather together and train to lead Tor
to its final resting place with a grand fanfare and screams and tearing
of clothing items.

> or moves to correct the
> situation.

And the Lord knows how brother Mark McCarron has lost sleep in the last
40 years, even as an ovule, over the safety of the Net. Behold the
responsible. Mark McCarron has sent patches and solutions all along.
Let's stone these ignorants that think they know how to hack a fire fox!
Them witches of Lunar and Runa have played down the importance of that
work and now RISE UP AND SEE where they have lead us!

> Does anyone have any insights into the problem?

If nobody volunteers I will.

This email is an excellent argument of why people should scan their ID
card before getting online. So everybody would know who the important
people are. So people could filter them. Unlike today where you can get
10 email addresses a minute.

> Regards,
> Mark McCarron

Let's pray so that Mark McCarron is acknowledged the best Messiah of
this hour. Tor is dead. He tried to make it better. No more. Now it's up
to the rest of us to pick up the pieces and avoid another Heartbleed.

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