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[tor-talk] Anyone actually using a local exitpolicy?

There is a comment in the torrc man page that exit policies can target the
local machine or private networks, like say :

ExitPolicy accept
ExitPolicy reject private:*

Does anyone actually do this? If so, how does one use it?

There are no ip address limits specified in the consensus according to :

egrep "^p6? " /var/lib/tor/cached-microdescs | grep ':'

There are several possibilities for what this means :

(1) Tor does not bother to list such exits because their private.  duh!

(2) Private exit operators suppress inclusion using another option, or

(3) nobody does this.

Assuming the awnser is (1) then how does one use the access the local exit
created?  Is it perhaps : set Nickname not the server, set AllowDotExit 1
on the client. And access localhost.foobar.exit:80 or similar?
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