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Re: [tor-talk] Tor birdy fails downloading public keys.

Hi Lluis,

I suppose you are using the Enigmail add-on. In the Torbirdy wiki [0]
the developers state that
"Enigmail is supported and is safe to use with TorBirdy (...) but you
will not be able to use Enigmail for communicating with keyservers until
we find a HTTP -> SOCKS5 shim."
The idea is to not leak location information. Disabling TorBirdy to
fetch the keys kind of defeats that purpose.

There are two workarounds that I know of, if you want/have to use

1) Look up the key manually, check fingerprint, copy the long block of
gibberish that starts with -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- to the
Now go to your mail program, choose Enigmail -> manage keys -> edit ->
import key from clipboard.

2) use gpg with curl support (Linux/OSX only). This is explained in the
TorBirdy wiki as well [0]
Scroll down to Additional Add-Ons -> Enigmail.


[0] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/torbirdy

Mag. Sophie Hassfurther
PGP fingerprint:
F13B 77D4 3641 1420 0F41 B62D 162F 2CE2 98FD 61AB

> Hello everyone,
> I am using Tor Birdy 0.1.4 and it is failing to download public
> keys from servers. It is configured with defaults.
> I have to disable Tor Birdy to download a key and re-enable it
> when done.
> Does anyone know a solution ?
> Thank you,
> LluÃs
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