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Re: [tor-talk] Clear net and Tor site on the same server

False. I've used a raspi as a VPN/seedbox and it was able to handle enough
traffic that its I/O pipeline got saturated, and that was the only limit.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 05:59:47PM +0200, aka wrote:
> Hidden service is heavy on CPU, for every single TCP connection your Tor
> client needs to create a new tunnel which requires quite a few RSA
> calculations and those are very CPU demanding. 20 simultaneous
> connections will bring your small VPS to its knees (I assume its a VPS
> because of that low memory size), but 40MB RAM should be enough for that.
> Oh and if your server is a raspberry pi, forget about it, first
> generation rp can't encrypt more than 500KByte/s AES stream with its
> tiny ARM core anyway.


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