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[tor-talk] Tor Messenger Third Alpha


Tor Messenger is an instant messaging client currently under
development. It is designed to make connections using the Tor network
and will therefore be a valuable piece in the privacy-enhancing software
toolkit (web: Tor Browser, email: Thunderbird + TorBirdy, chat: Tor

Based on the Instantbird IM client, Tor Messenger:

 - sends all traffic over Tor,
 - enforces Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) for one-on-one conversations
   by default,
 - can be used with a wide variety of chat networks,
 - has an easy-to-use graphical user interface localized into multiple

* Current Status

Today we are releasing the third alpha version with which we hope to
gain both usability and security related feedback. There have been two
previous alpha releases to the mailling lists that have already helped
smooth out some of the rougher edges.

* What's New in Tor Messenger 0.0.6

- Support for Windows and OS X builds (in addition to Linux)
- Improved privacy and security with network and application-related
- Improved usability of the Instantbird OTR extension
  - Private key and known fingerprint management
- XMPP in-band account registration support
- Build localization support (currently Arabic; Chinese, Spanish, Farsi,
  and other languages coming soon)

* Bundles

Linux (32-bit):
Linux (64-bit):



The bundles are signed with the key 0xB297B391.

* Instructions

- On Linux, extract the bundle and then run: ./start-tor-messenger.
- On OS X, copy the Tor Messenger application from the disk image to
  your local disk before running it.

On all platforms, Tor Messenger sets the profile folder to the
installation directory.

* Code

We are doing automated builds of Tor Messenger for all platforms using
rbm (Reproducible Build Manager):


* Arabic Language Pack


Install the language pack as an add-on and then set
"general.useragent.locale" to "ar". 

(Thanks to Sherief Alaa for the translation.)

* Feedback

This is an early release and there may be serious privacy leaks and
other issues -- please DO NOT recommend Tor Messenger to end users; this
release is only for developers and advanced users who would like to help
us with testing but understand the risks involved with using alpha

With this release, we invite feedback not limited to anonymity leaks,
usability issues, feature requests and suggestions for improvement.
Please submit your feedback using the bug tracker (bugs.torproject.org;
select the "Tor Messenger" component).  You can also talk to us on this
mailing list or on IRC.


Arlo Breault, Nicolas Vigier, Sukhbir Singh

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