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Re: [tor-talk] Surge in Users

However, there can be multiple cell providers, each with their own IP allocation scheme. Your cell provider may be the dominant provider in a monopolistic market, or it may only have a fraction of the market if you have competition. In the latter scenario, most mobile Tor clients in your country may not change their IP very often if they aren't on the cell provider you described.

Even then, one could count as multiple users as well even if their IP is mostly static (e.g. sticky IP). For instance, my laptop goes between my work network and home, counting as two networks. I also have a smartphone which may change its IP based on Wi-Fi or LTE data, and a server running an onion service (to be decommissioned soon, nothing interesting however).




On 2019-06-06 06:21, Van Gegel wrote:
Take into account that statistics are number of unique user's IPs
connected to bridges per day. My cellular provider change my local
GPRS IP exactly every hour and my external IP also changed to random
value of provider's pool.  Each time IP was changed my Tor rebuild 3
new circuits to introduction points of mounted HS.  So one mobile app
with HS can  generate 24*3 connecting events  per day.

BR, Van.
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