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[tor-talk] Tor is released

Hi, all!

There's a new alpha Tor release! Because it's an alpha, you should
only run it if you're ready to find more bugs than usual, and report
them on trac.torproject.org.

The source code is available from the usual place at
https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/ ; if you build Tor from
source, why not give it a try? And if you don't build Tor from source,
packages should be ready over the coming days, with a Tor Browser
alpha release likely in the next two weeks.

Here's what's new:

Changes in version - 2019-06-25
  Tor resolves numerous bugs left over from the previous
  alpha, most of them from earlier release series.

  o Major bugfixes (Onion service reachability):
    - Properly clean up the introduction point map when circuits change
      purpose from onion service circuits to pathbias, measurement, or
      other circuit types. This should fix some service-side instances
      of introduction point failure. Fixes bug 29034; bugfix

  o Minor features (geoip):
    - Update geoip and geoip6 to the June 10 2019 Maxmind GeoLite2
      Country database. Closes ticket 30852.

  o Minor features (logging):
    - Give a more useful assertion failure message if we think we have
      minherit() but we fail to make a region non-inheritable. Give a
      compile-time warning if our support for minherit() is incomplete.
      Closes ticket 30686.

  o Minor bugfixes (circuit isolation):
    - Fix a logic error that prevented the SessionGroup sub-option from
      being accepted. Fixes bug 22619; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (continuous integration):
    - Allow the test-stem job to fail in Travis, because it sometimes
      hangs. Fixes bug 30744; bugfix on
    - Skip test_rebind on macOS in Travis, because it is unreliable on
      macOS on Travis. Fixes bug 30713; bugfix on
    - Skip test_rebind when the TOR_SKIP_TEST_REBIND environment
      variable is set. Fixes bug 30713; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (directory authorities):
    - Stop crashing after parsing an unknown descriptor purpose
      annotation. We think this bug can only be triggered by modifying a
      local file. Fixes bug 30781; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (pluggable transports):
    - When running as a bridge with pluggable transports, always publish
      pluggable transport information in our extrainfo descriptor, even
      if ExtraInfoStatistics is 0. This information is needed by
      BridgeDB. Fixes bug 30956; bugfix on

  o Documentation:
    - Mention URLs for Travis/Appveyor/Jenkins in ReleasingTor.md.
      Closes ticket 30630.
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