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Re: [tor-talk] Surge in Users

Thanks for helpful comments and references!

I may have understood that there are:
- Research Safety Board
- AS number approach
- Nine (10?) individuals who run the directory authorities and are independent of the control of torproject
- Privcount approach
- Tor design: It doesn't hide using Tor. It hides what users do.

Tor developers are making efforts to protect privacy of users, I can understand it at least. In truth, I didn't worry about whether the directory authorities could do dangerously or not. I hope that operators of the directory authorities will provide analyses or thoughts about the rapid increase of relay users from their own viewpoints when they can.

BTW, I didn't expect that you -- who is an operator of one of the directory authorities, and who is an original developer of Tor -- would reply to my question. Great place here is! Is it free of charge for me to use this place? :D

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