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Re: [tor-talk] I don't understand two things about the node "freja".

On 06/30/2020 03:13 PM, sean_sullivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have questions about the Tor node “freja”.
> First, according to https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/, the node is at
> which is in Italy. Yet WHOIS says the addresses
> are in Pune, India. The last IP from a
> ‘traceroute’ is and is in ‘IT’
> (Italy) which suggests that https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/ is correct.

Look using https://ping.pe/, https://asm.ca.com/en/ping.php and
https://www.maplatency.com/. To me, Italy seems right.

> Why would WHOIS inaccurately (I think) say the IP is in India?

There's so much reselling of IPv4 now that WHOIS is ~useless.

> Second, according to https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/, “freja” is not an exit
> node. But if you use...
> StrictNodes 1
> ExitNodes freja
> ...then TBB will load the purple introductory screen “Explore. Privately.”
> (I tried with other non-exit nodes and TBB typically gets stuck on
> “Requesting Relay Information” and never loads the purple screen).
> However, then “freja” will not load any pages.
> So if it’s not an exit node, why does the introductory screen load?

I have no clue.

> Thanks.
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