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Re: "cracks" via tor

Eugene Armstead wrote:
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Simon Østengaard wrote:
| I have discussed this issue with one of the leading IT lawyers in
| Denmark. He said that according to the danish law (and most European
| laws) the only legal issue you could face by running a tor server is if
| the law require you to log which traffic you pass trough the server.
| There is such a law in Denmark but it only affects companies, not
| private persons or organisations.

What about American TOR operators?

This should hold true (no, you can't quote me on that) in any country that pratice justice on a "not guilty until otherwise proved" basis. This also includes the United States. However I would not operate a tor server in the United States myself due to the fact that people in the United States have a tradition of sueing each other for all kinds of strange stuff (like drying dogs in the microwave or burning youself on hot coffee). And believe it or not these people have also won the case in court.

Simon Østengaard

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