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Re: "cracks" via tor

On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 10:41:57AM +0100, Simon Østengaard wrote:

:This also includes the United States. However I would not operate a tor 
:server in the United States myself due to the fact that people in the 
:United States have a tradition of sueing each other for all kinds of 
:strange stuff (like drying dogs in the microwave or burning youself on 
:hot coffee). And believe it or not these people have also won the case 
:in court.

It would be interesting to get a (semi)legal opinion on the tangled
mass of US law.

I recently tightened my exit policy because of a DMCA enforcement
request by the Entertainment Software Association ("ESA").  I probably
could have made my case to the people who handle these sort of things
at MIT, but I chose not to make a stand on bittorrent sharing of
Starwars games.  Hopefully this will give me firmer standing with the
lawyers if someone ever comes knocking about http or something (well
atleast not mark me as a "pain")

Seems that operating a TOR server should be equivelent to operating a
public phone, you don't know who's placing the calls or what they're
saying so you can't be liable if they're making bomb threats or
planning a robbery.  No I have no idea if the Law sees things this