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Re: reconsidering default exit policy

> I'd like to see some mention in the blurb that the usefulness of tor
> for web brouwsing is limited by the numbe rof nodes willing to allow
> exit to port 80 (hopefully a better writer can condense that to
> somehting people will read).
> I'd also like to see it default to open.

me too.  (this directly translates to the help texts in the
configuration wizard in a gui environment, which makes most sense to
me there, too.)  with the wording: my shot is below.


# Port 80 (HTTP or plain web browsing).  This is what most people use
# tor for, and is usually the performance bottleneck, so leaving it on
# is generally a good idea.  Administrators running routers with port on
# "accept" have received abuse reports regarding Google Groups, or been
# added to the IP blacklist at Wikipedia.  If you are told by your web
# browser that you have been blocked due to abuse (or if you want to
# avoid that happening to you), comment this line out.
ExitPolicy accept *:80

# Port 443 (HTTPS or secure web browsing -- most commonly known for
# encrypting card data transmissions).  This is less likely to be
# abused.  Often, the client needs to authenticate by some other
# means besides her IP address, so the danger of abuse is pretty
# low here.
ExitPolicy accept *:443

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