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Re: Announce: ELE-0.0.2 released

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 03:24:18PM +0100, Thomas Sj?gren wrote:
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> From: Thomas Sjögren <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Announce: ELE-0.0.2 released
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> On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 10:13:50AM +0100, Jens Kubieziel wrote:
> > So why do you try to get that image down to 50M?
> For the fun of it.

i was afraid you'd say that, almost threw it in myself (-:

(why don't you leave it in as an option?  as the distributor, you
could make it all a cvs repository adn tag different parts of it
differently, allowing people to pick their combination of features.
of course there should be better tools than cvs.)

(is this getting off-topic?  anyway i am enjoying it.)


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