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RE: disappearing nodes

On Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:09 PM Geoffrey wrote:

>My question, particularly (but not exclusively) to American Tor node
>operators is: what factors have influenced your decision to remain a
>participant in the Tor network?  If you have shut down your node, then
>why have you done so?

>Roger and I can think of several possibile reasons why you (Tor node
>operators) might allow your nodes to disappear from the system:

>1. You lose interest in the Tor project.

>2. You become disillusioned with the goals of the Tor project.

>3. Tor crashes too often to be useful to you personally.

>4. Managing an installation of Tor is too difficult to be worth your

>5. Your ISP threatens to terminate your Internet access contract if you
>do not stop running Tor.

>6. Blacklisting by Tor-unfriendly Internet resource providers (such as
>Wikipedia or Google Groups) is unpalatable to you.

>7. Tor crashed while you were not looking, and you forgot about it or
>otherwise failed to restart it.

In my case it is because I run it on my home desktop and it affects how
other internet apps and other apps period run.  Tor will hang at some point
and not allow anything else to happen until it proceeds.  This is on a
windows XP box.  Perhaps if I were running it on a separate box that I
didn't use it would not be a problem.  It seems there is no one available
with enough windows network expertise to investigate windows issues or maybe
my problem is unique.

Joel Rapin