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Re: disappearing nodes

Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
I recently made the observation that despite the fact that new nodes
join the Tor network at a reasonable rate, other nodes disappear from
the Tor network as well, such that the total number of Tor nodes in the
system remains relatively constant.

I have also noticed in particular that while the number of nodes in
Germany seems to be increasing over time, the number of nodes in the
United States seems to be decreasing over time.  While a few months ago
there were roughly eighty US nodes, now there are fewer than sixty.

My question, particularly (but not exclusively) to American Tor node
operators is: what factors have influenced your decision to remain a
participant in the Tor network?  If you have shut down your node, then
why have you done so?

I was pushing some huge bandwidth with tor, which was fine. But then another project needed /lots/ of bandwidth (like 25Mbit), so to stay under my monthly quota (which I think i'm going to blow past anyway), I turned off tor. When the other site's traffic goes down again, I'll re-enable it. :)

I have also gotten two complaints from people on the 'net about users that abused tor via my node. This wasn't why I shut it down (in neither case did the people request that I do either), but it has made me consider turning off being an exit node.

And...tor has crashed a couple times without me noticing for a day or two. I haven't written any script to automagickally restart it.