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Re: disappearing nodes

All of the above. 

Yes, it's crashed while I wasn't looking. I also suspect (but can't 
prove) that a recent DOS attack that forced the entire server offline 
was in retaliation for something that went through the TOR exit node. I 
can't really afford that kind of downtime. I also get paged regularly 
by the server because TOR is using too much CPU. 

I'm looking toward getting a dedicated server to handle these kinds of 
projects. For now, they're too much of a liability, and I don't have 
the time or money to get it situated safely. 

On Saturday 19 March 2005 13:08, Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
> I recently made the observation that despite the fact that new nodes
> join the Tor network at a reasonable rate, other nodes disappear from
> the Tor network as well, such that the total number of Tor nodes in
> the system remains relatively constant.
> I have also noticed in particular that while the number of nodes in
> Germany seems to be increasing over time, the number of nodes in the
> United States seems to be decreasing over time.  While a few months
> ago there were roughly eighty US nodes, now there are fewer than
> sixty.
> My question, particularly (but not exclusively) to American Tor node
> operators is: what factors have influenced your decision to remain a
> participant in the Tor network?  If you have shut down your node,
> then why have you done so?
> Roger and I can think of several possibile reasons why you (Tor node
> operators) might allow your nodes to disappear from the system:
> 1. You lose interest in the Tor project.
> 2. You become disillusioned with the goals of the Tor project.
> 3. Tor crashes too often to be useful to you personally.
> 4. Managing an installation of Tor is too difficult to be worth your
> effort.
> 5. Your ISP threatens to terminate your Internet access contract if
> you do not stop running Tor.
> 6. Blacklisting by Tor-unfriendly Internet resource providers (such
> as Wikipedia or Google Groups) is unpalatable to you.
> 7. Tor crashed while you were not looking, and you forgot about it or
> otherwise failed to restart it.
> ----------
> What are your thoughts?  Which of these possible explanations are
> most relevant in your case?  Am I missing some other explanation,
> perhaps?
> Geoff


Nato Welch