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h07onion shut down by isp

Hi folks.

I just want to inform you that the tor node h07onion,
as well as the server where it did run on (server3.h07.org)
were shut down by our ISP.

It seems as someone used a cracked version of VisualRoute
over the tor network and the h07onion happend to be the exit node.

At least we can learn something from this:
- VisualRoute is spyware
- gross incompetence can be found at PlusServer ISP

I can't tell if and when the h07onion will be up again,
since the internal discussion in the h07 unix development team isn't over yet.

Ewige Blumenkraft!         )|( ssc                    www.unix-geek.info
                               Stephan Schmieder             ssc@xxxxxxx

safeguard this letter, it may be an IMPORTANT DOCUMENT

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