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Re: Can't start Tor under Debian

Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation Roger :-)

>> "grep 113 /etc/passwd"
>> Is uid 113 debian-tor, 

root@storage:~# grep 113 /etc/passwd

BTW - ls /var/lib/tor shows an empty folder

>> or is this an old debian-tor, or what? 

I don't know. Is /tor_0.0.9.6-0.woody.1_i386.deb old ?

>> It looks from the above like you used to have tor installed, and 
it probably left its /var/lib/tor/ directory, and then you installed 
a new one and it's not compatible with what used to be there?

I did install, remove and reinstall using apt-get

I followed the Debian instructions at  

I added the sources, did "apt-get install tor"
Tor installed without emitting any error messages but didn't appar to 
be running
I did an "apt-get remove tor" and then "apt-get install tor"
Since my initla email I have done "dpkg purge tor" followed by "apt-
get install tor" however the issue remains the same with error 
messages identical to my first post.

 /var/lib/tor is not owned by this UID 
> (113). You must fix this to proceed.
Couldn't access/create private data directory /var/lib/tor
Acting on config options left us in a broken state. Dying.