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Re: Is UDP anonymized via. TorDNS?

Anothony Georgeo writes:

> Is UDP protocol traffic anonymized via. TorDNS on Windows?

What's the documentation say?

I have a feeling it only handles the DNS application (which happens to
use UDP for transport), not all UDP traffic.

> I have a system clock sync program that uses the UDP protocol and it
> is dependent upon TorDNS (or the Winodws DNS cache I presume) to
> connect to it's server.
> If Tor and TorDNS are not running then the UTC sync program can not
> connect to it's server. 

You've configured your clock sync program to use TorDNS as a proxy?
Seems unlikely.

Instead I assume you've told Windows to use TorDNS, running on
localhost, as its DNS server. If TorDNS is turned off, you probably
can't resolve *any* names, including the name of your clock server.


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