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Re: Is UDP anonymized via. TorDNS?

Is UDP protocol traffic anonymized via. TorDNS on Windows?

No. Tor does TCP only. But tor-resolve (etc) uses TCP to transport the request to the exit server.

I have a system clock sync program that uses the UDP protocol and it is dependent upon TorDNS (or the Winodws DNS cache I presume) to connect to it's server.

I'm not aware of any ntpd that allows use of SOCKS -- but why do you want an anonymously accurate clock, anyway?

If Tor and TorDNS are not running then the UTC sync program can not connect to it's server.

Do what we all do .. test it. Fire up Ethereal and watch what happens. I'd bet you're successfully getting the IP via torDNS, and then directly connecting to the NTP server via UDP.

UDP is used for NTP becuase otherwise it'd be impossible to figure out the skew. You'd make that even more complicated than standard TCP by trying to send it via TOR. VPN'd udp/ntp dosen't even work so hot (but it does work).

If you really want an anonymous clock, hook up a GPS unit to a serial port and do it that way.