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Re: Policy Considerations for Choosing an ISP

Hello Geoffrey,

How about the anonymitiy of the host account?


Sunday, March 5, 2006, 5:33:13 PM, you wrote:

> I am presently buidling a web page to catalogue the differences in
> policy among various Internet Service Providers.

> http://afs.eecs.harvard.edu/~goodell/policy.html

> Consumers often consider factors such as traffic latency, peak data
> rate, ease of setup, reliability, and cost when choosing Internet
> Service Providers.  However, customers often overlook the vast
> differences in <span class="heading">policy</span> among ISPs, and these
> differences have a substantial effect on the end-user experience. In
> addition, the actual policy imposed by an ISP may not match what the ISP
> advertises in its brochures or its formal policy statements.

> I chose some policy metrics, listed a few examples of real-world ISPs,
> and rated the ISPs according to the metrics.  Please take a look at the
> page and let me know how it might be improved.

> However, I personally do not know about very many ISPs, and I would like
> to add entries for ISPs around the world.  If you are interested in
> helping to make this list a bit more comprehensive, then please send me
> mail reporting about your ISP!  Please include as many of the following
> factors as you can:

> - ISP name
> - ISP geographic coverage area
> - numeric ratings for restrictions and sensitivity, as per the
>   instructions on the page
> - approximate monthly cost in USD for the service you describe
> - upload / download peak capacity
> - physical medium / anecdotes / remarks

> I think that this page has the potential to become quite useful, since
> cataloguing the important policy factors could some day create a
> competitive market for policies that match customer interests!

> Thanks,

> Geoff

Best regards,
 Arrakistor                            mailto:arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx