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Re: Freegate creator Bill Xia attacked by Chinese agents!!!

Hello Mr. Goodell,

--- Geoffrey Goodell <goodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 06:17:34AM -0800, Anothony
> Georgeo wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I live on the South Eastern Coast of the US and I
> > was watching the news last night when I saw a 
> >  report about a home invasion of Mr. Xia.
> Hi Anothony,
> This is really terrible news.  I just met Mr. Xia a
> few weeks ago, and
> of course I am concerned for him.  I looked for it
> online briefly but
> could not find anything.  Can you provide more
> specific information
> about where you heard this information?
> Thanks,
> Geoff

Well, I searched the net for the last hour or so and I
couln't find any info about this attack or the news
station that aired it last night.

I called all the news stations I could find that
broadcast in my area and none claimed to have aired
it.  I wish I could remember the station channel that
aired it on the 11:00 o'clock news (channel 3 or 5 I
think).   It's possible that it is too soon to have
this segments info on the news channel's site.

Station WBS-TV on channel 2 aired a segment on this
attack about 2 weeks ago.  I spoke to the WBS-TV news
desk and they confirmend they aired the segement. But,
I searched their site but I couldn't find any links.  

I tried calling the police department where he lives
but they couldn't give me any detials without his home
address which I don't have.  The person I spoke with
did mention she remembered the incident but she didn't

If you have his phone number or email maybe you could
contact him and ask if he's doning well.

When I saw the intervew with him last night he looked
*ALOT* better then he did in the phot0s just after the
beating.  He has a scar over his right eyebrow and
below his right eye. This is were he recieved the
stiches.  His left eye was very badly swollen and
brused in the intial photos but in the interview last
night his left eye looked much better.

He seems like a very kind and honest person; it's a
shame what happened to him.

I'll try to find more info in a few days, maybe then
the news channel which aired the segment will have
info on their site.

Let us know if you speak to him and how he is doing,


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