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Freegate creator Bill Xia attacked by Chinese agents!!!


I live on the South Eastern Coast of the US and I was
watching the news last night when I saw a report about
a home invasion of Mr. Xia.

Three Chinese men entered his house and threw him to
the floor then they beat him into unconsiousness. 
They beat him so badly he was in the hospital for 2
weeks,  he recived 17 stiches to his face and they
broke his jaw.

I saw a composite stetch of one of the attackers on
the news; Mr. Xia claims they work for the Chinese
government.  He claims he has recieved threats to his
well being and family due to his creation of Freegate.
 Mr. Xia accused the Chinese government of ordering
these men to attack him to force him to stop
Freegate's devolpment.

Mr. Xia was very, very badly beaten in the photos I
saw.  But, he refuses to stop Freegate's dev. and said
he belives Freegate is necessary to help the Chinese
people.  He fears for his family but he says Freegate
is too important to stop dev.  My deepest respect and
honor goes to Mr. Xia; he is truly a hero for standing
up to the Chinese gov. and offering freedom for it's
people; even at the risk of his own life.

The US gov. has launched an investagation according to
the news segment into the home invasion.  Things could
get very sticky for the Chinese gov. if it's proven
they ordered the attack.  But, I have no doubts they
did; why else would 3 Chinese men attack him in his
home and not steal one thing.

Let us hope this is not a sign of things to come when
people stand up for basic human rights...


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