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Tor is out

This is the second release candidate for the 0.1.1.x series.

It fixes a variety of odds and ends, including getting started
on making it easier to add new authoritative dirservers.


Changes in version - 2006-03-18
  o Bugfixes on
    - Fix assert when the controller asks to attachstream a connect-wait
      or resolve-wait stream.
    - Now do address rewriting when the controller asks us to attach
      to a particular circuit too. This will let Blossom specify
      "moria2.exit" without having to learn what moria2's IP address is.
    - Make the "tor --verify-config" command-line work again, so people
      can automatically check if their torrc will parse.
    - Authoritative dirservers no longer require an open connection from
      a server to consider him "reachable". We need this change because
      when we add new auth dirservers, old servers won't know not to
      hang up on them.
    - Let Tor build on Sun CC again.
    - Fix an off-by-one buffer size in dirserv.c that magically never
      hit our three authorities but broke sjmurdoch's own tor network.
    - If we as a directory mirror don't know of any v1 directory
      authorities, then don't try to cache any v1 directories.
    - Stop warning about unknown servers in our family when they are
      given as hex digests.
    - Stop complaining as quickly to the server operator that he
      hasn't registered his nickname/key binding.
    - Various cleanups so we can add new V2 Auth Dirservers.
    - Change "AllowUnverifiedNodes" to "AllowInvalidNodes", to
      reflect the updated flags in our v2 dir protocol.
    - Resume allowing non-printable characters for exit streams (both
      for connecting and for resolving). Now we tolerate applications
      that don't follow the RFCs. But continue to block malformed names
      at the socks side.

  o Bugfixes on 0.1.0.x:
    - Fix assert bug in close_logs(): when we close and delete logs,
      remove them all from the global "logfiles" list.
    - Fix minor integer overflow in calculating when we expect to use up
      our bandwidth allocation before hibernating.
    - Fix a couple of bugs in OpenSSL detection. Also, deal better when
      there are multiple SSLs installed with different versions.
    - When we try to be a server and Address is not explicitly set and
      our hostname resolves to a private IP address, try to use an
      interface address if it has a public address. Now Windows machines
      that think of themselves as localhost can work by default.

  o New features:
    - Let the controller ask for GETINFO dir/server/foo so it can ask
      directly rather than connecting to the dir port.
    - Let the controller tell us about certain router descriptors
      that it doesn't want Tor to use in circuits. Implement
      SETROUTERPURPOSE and modify +POSTDESCRIPTOR to do this.
    - New config option SafeSocks to reject all application connections
      using unsafe socks protocols. Defaults to off.