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Re: memory usage slowly rising

Nah, I run the following exit policy:

ExitPolicy      reject *:25,reject *:587,reject *:110,reject
*:143,reject *:6880-6890, reject *:873, reject *:6300-6400, accept *:*

Allowing everything out except p2p and email stuff. I 
got nothing against using bittorrent through tor, but
it drinks the bandwith like my car drinks gas.


On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 11:02:30AM -0500, Josh wrote:
> circut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Nice graphs. Can't help with the memory issue, but about the
> > hosting company, I've been using serverpronto(.com) for about 9
> > months now, with the tor node running (allocating 70gb / mo)
> > for about 7 of those months and haven't had a single call from
> > the provider. I've been very happy with them, only problem is
> > expansions (RAM / hd space) cost you ;<
> Thanks for the suggestion, they look pretty affordable.  I assume
> you're running an exit node?  Do you use the default exit policy?
> Josh