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Re: memory usage slowly rising

Brian Puccio <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just to play devil's advocate, hosts are assigned IPs in
> blocks, and keeping their IPs off things like blacklists is
> something they should take seriously.  I'd hate to rent a
> dedicated server only to find out that the last guy who had my
> IP was a big time spammer or got banned from major IRC networks
> or something and that the IP is blacklisted a dozen ways from
> Sunday. So I can understand where they come from with respect
> to trying to keep certain content off their network.

I agree with you, but when I say "tor friendly", I mean "willing
to listen to me when I try to explain what the situation is".  I
had a lot of trouble trying to convince them that my host was not
part of a bot network, and also had trouble trying to find out
what the destination port specified in the abuse report was.
Granted, they never turned off my service through the whole
thing, but it just seemed inflexible.  I guess that's what I get
for going with a "bulk" hosting provider--it's got its ups and
downs... ;-)

I ended up switching from the default exit policy to a more
restrictive policy.  It's not a huge deal, I guess I would just
have appreciated more communication back and forth.