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Re: v0.1.1.12 vs v0.1.1.14a

I get the v0.1.1.12 in the short lifed release of Torpark 
that soon become replaced by Torpark with v0.1.1.14a in it. 
However I did´nt change to the new version of Torpark and 
now as you say it gonna to be a fresher release of Tor, maybe it 
soon will be a Torpark with the next Tor release. BTW, is it not 
better to use the stable in Torpark? 

> Presumably you are referring to and
> There is no known way in which is superior to
>  You should choose unless you want to use
> the stable version, in which case you should choose  Note that
> a release candidate for the 0.1.1.x series should be arriving shortly.
> Geoff

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