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Re: After update from the old server fingerprint is lost?

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Joerg Maschtaler wrote:

> Hi,
> i have just updated my server "road2nowhere" by compiling the source and
> installing "over" the version
> The old server fingerprint seems to be overwritten with a new one during
> this update.
> notices.log shows the following entries:
> ---snip---
> Mar 13 23:16:05.852 [warn] routers_update_all_from_networkstatus(): 0/2
> recent directory servers recognize this server. Please consider sending
> your identity fingerprint to the tor-ops.
> ---snap---

Na, this is probably just you fetching the 2 directories from moria1 and
moria2 first.  They don't have a very current database of
nickname<->fingerprint bindings since Roger is quite busy.  The warning
should go away as soon as you have a status document from tor26.

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