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Re: Potential suspect behavior?

--- nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi again, just forget to tell one more important
> thing, that is: 
> The conclusion of this will be that Tor switch
> between different 
> exit nodes for http respectively https connections.
> Correct? 

No, does not switch routes/nodes for HTTP vs. HTTPS. 
It does not switch routes (circuts) for different
domains either.  Tor switches routes upon 60 seconds
of inactivity (default), startup or command (I

Do you have cookies enabled?  

It sounds like each site put a cookie on your HDD.  It
sounds like you went to site #1 and while you were
inactive for some time on the site it placed a cookie.
 Then you went to site #2 and it set a cookie but now
you have a new IP beacuse your route is new.  When you
went back to site #1 it read your cookie and showed
the IP it had logged for you.  The same for when you
returned to site #2, this site read your cookie and
showed the IP it had recorded.

But, I could be incorrect and if so I hope someone
will  correct me.

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