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Re: Potential suspect behavior?

Hi again, just forget to tell one more important thing, that is: 

When checking my Tor IP against some http IP checkers (such as 
www.whatismyip.com and similar), it give an IP that´s not my real 
and that is OK. 

Then I checking my Tor IP against another IP checker that is https 
and get another IP that´s not my real, probably also OK. 

Then get back to the first http IP checker and hit Reload and the 
first IP shows up as before. 

Then get to the https IP checker again and get the other IP again. 

The conclusion of this will be that Tor switch between different 
exit nodes for http respectively https connections. Correct? 

> Hi, now I´m testing the new Torpark with the v0.1.1.14a 
> and find in packetsniffer some unencrypted communication in tcp. 
> Here is a few excerpt of it: 
> GET /tor/status/fp/
> HTTP/1.0 200 OK..Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006
> Content-Type: application/octet-streem
> Another question is if Tor really need server permissions to work 
> properly? I´ve now setted my software firewall to "Client Outbound 
> Allow (application only)" and "Server Inbound Deny (application only)" 
> regarding Tor. 
> Hope that isn´t going to screw something up in the Tor function. 
> I´m only a end user. 
> Thanks for your eventually view of point on the issues above. 
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