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Re: Potential suspect behavior?

Allright, thank you very much. At the moment I test now 
back with the older .12a version (in Torpark 
and now get same IP regardless wich web IP tester I use. 

However, I´m sure no cookies was enabled yesterday when 
checked the newer .14a (in Torpark and is also 
very sure that effect as described occured and I´ve seen 
it before, even using the older Tor version. Seems to be 
somehow random if it occur or not. 

Please test it all yourself, that who is interested, in 
different Tor setups and versions. The URLs i used when 
it occur yesterday and also when it not occur today, is: 


Then something else... 
Recently I´ve read a notice somewhere on the net about a 
computer make "records" of used domain name resolutions to 
have it´s own (faster) way to get an URL resolved. Is that 
correct, and how is that managed in Windows XP with Tor? 
Also wonder if this possibly record file is "live checked" 
against the normal DNS servers to get updated or not, and 
how to reset it manually? Thanks. 

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