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Re: Anybody else getting this one?

user165@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've have a couple of these in my log:
> Mar 17 04:00:50.546 [warn] connection_exit_begin_conn(): Non-printing
> characters in address "legendteampriv\303\250.no-ip.info" in relay
> begin cell. Dropping.
> The 303 and 250 look suspiciously like http error codes...

"\303\250" (octal) looks like 0xC3E8, which also corresponds to the UTF-8 glyph
"è". Anyway, internationalized domain names should be converted to ASCII form
(Punycode) to work correctly, so this is likely just a web browser or client
software problem.

Philippe Gauthier <philippe.gauthier@xxxxxxxxx>

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