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OSX Improvements for Tor+Privoxy Bundle

There are three improvements in the current cvs branch (
of Tor for OSX.  They are: 1) an uninstallation script for the bundle;
2) full PDF documentation included in the final installation; and 3) a
pretty installer.  Please try them out.  I welcome feedback.

1.  There now exists an un-install script for OSX Tiger and Panther.  For
now, it is included in the current branch ( of Tor.  It is
installed, by default, to /Library/Tor/ as a file named:

Running this shell script should completely un-install the Tor+Privoxy
Bundle and remove all associated directories. It does not backup any
files. It merely removes the bundle and the appropriate Tor and
Privoxy directories.

Also, included is an AppleScript stub for a future "point and click"
uninstaller.  This is named Tor_Uninstaller.applescript.  It, too, is
installed in the default /Library/Tor directory.

2.  There are now full documents included with the OSX Tor+Privoxy
Bundle.  These documents are now placed in the directory 
/Library/Tor/documents/ by default.

3.  The Tor+Privoxy Bundle installation windows are now decorated with
the Tor logo as produced by Ren of the EFF.