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On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 01:00:07PM CET, Watson Ladd wrote:

> We can protect TCP connections, right? So applications should be
> modified to use TCP connections for DNS and send the connections
> through Tor.  That will anonymize DNS.  We also could have Tor itself
> do this for the DNS queries. Any suggestions?

I haven't done library preloading yet myself, but wouldn't it be
possible to overwrite gethostbyname() and insert a Tor-DNS-query there?
Well, of course, one need to hack some of the Tor-Interfaces in order to
make a DNS-lookup... like there are more than 200 unused command-codes
in Socks4a.

Just some early-in-the-morning-not-having-nuff-coffee-yet suggestion,


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