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Re: Latest tor beta exits on start

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 05:44:41AM -0500, norvid wrote:
> Hi,
> This is for tor- on Windows Millenium.
> On start it closes immediately. Looks like its related to running as a
> service which I understand is not available on Win Me. Prior I have been
> using tor- with no problems.
> Here's the log--
> Mar 03 03:49:22.570 [notice] Tor opening new log file.
> Mar 03 03:49:23.330 [err] nt_service_loadlibrary(): Couldn't find
> ChangeServiceConfig2A in advapi32.dll! We probably got the name wrong.
> I sure hope this can be fixed before the next stable version is
> released.

Hi, I think I've found the bug and fixed it.  Tor has an internal
function (nt_service_is_stopped()) that detects whether we're running
as an NT service, and if so whether the NT service wants to get shut
down.  Unfortunately, in order to detect whether it was running as an
NT service, it first tried to load the NT service functions, which
older versions of windows don't have.  D'oh! :/

I've checked in a fix that will appear in the next -rc release.  With
any luck, somebody will try building it and running it on some older
Windows version before then.

Thanks again,
Nick Mathewson

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